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Hi! My name is Leah and I help ADHD and Autistic adults struggling with burnout, low energy and/or executive functioning challenges.

I also work with companies on their journey towards neuroinclusion and run an inclusive and supportive community that helps people of all neurotypes to find, apply, develop and celebrate their strengths.

My journey to becoming an ADHD/Autism coach and Neuroinclusion trainer started when I found out about my own Neurodivergence at 38. Already an accredited Strengths Profile practitioner, I combined my love of strengths and passion for Neuroinclusion to establish The Inclusive Strengths Co.

As a queer woman with lived experience of poverty and the care system, I love supporting other people with these backgrounds - but this isn't a prerequisite to working with me!

My professional career has largely been in the non-profit sector, including a decade working in the humanitarian sector and more recently, as the CEO of a small charity. I'm an experienced coach, senior leader, trainer, researcher and facilitator. My (intermittent) hobbies include ancestry research, travelling and baking.

My strengths

As a coach, my Enabler and Compassion strengths motivate me to help others to build confidence and self-belief to address the challenges they face. My Curiosity strength helps me to ask useful coaching questions.

My strength of Growth gives me a love of learning and passion for developing myself and others. My Planner and Detail strengths ensures I put together well thought out and impactful training and coaching programmes.

My Improver, Resolver and Innovator strengths help me to understand and address problems. I'm always looking for ways that systems and processes can be improved.

Accredited Level 2 Strengths Profile Practitioner, Cappfinity

I undertook 17 hours of training and a live assessment to achieve this qualification. I've delivered the Strengths Profile debrief and/or strengths coaching to over 65 people since my accreditation.

Level 1 ADHD Coach, ADHD Works

I completed an indepth course exploring how to coach people with ADHD, focusing on the ADHD Works Executive Functioning Framework. This qualification was led by a trainer with lived experience, which was important to me.

Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach (in progress)

I am currently completing this coaching qualification, which is recognised by the ILM and Association for Coaching. By undertaking this course, I am currently working towards a Coach Accreditation with the Association for Coaching.

My qualifications
Level 3 Neuroinclusion Trainer & Level 5 Strengths-based Autism Practitioner, Positive Psychology Guild (in progress)

I am enrolled in two courses with the Positive Psychology Guild, to build my understanding of Neuroinclusion and strengths-based approaches to Autism. These courses are led by a course facilitator with lived experience of Neurodivergence.

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