What is Access to Work?

Employed in the UK?

Access to Work is a programme for UK employees (including self-employed people) who are disabled / have conditions impacting them in the workplace.

ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexic and otherwise Neurodivergent people are eligible to receive up to £66k/year of Access to Work funding.

Access to Work can provide equipment, software, training about your disability/condition, and coaching.

Free Resources

We offer free DIY resources to help with your ATW application!

Need 1-1 support?

I offer 1-1 sessions for £50 where we discuss and complete your Access to Work application together.

Have you put off applying for months? Will you keep putting it off without help? Let's do it together.

Access to Work can fund our coaching & training

Interested in ADHD coaching or workplace inclusion training to support you in your role? Access to Work can fund 100% of the cost.